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Steal The Show: 4 Tips to Make the Crowd Go Wild

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

It takes PAIN to steal a show and to be a successful drag queen.

Passion - What I do know about entertainment is that the audience can feel passion. If an entertainer is passionate about what they are performing, the audience will become excited and become invested.

Authenticity - I also know that as a drag queen, or anyone selling a product, it's important to be as authentic as possible. Now, I know this sounds ridiculous with the wigs and false eyelashes, but the audience will know whether you are being true to yourself. If you are not into the song, feeling the look or sincerely feeling what the artist is feeling when you perform, they will sniff that out.

Interaction - Take a moment to connect with your audience and interact with them. Share a stare, pause for a portion of the song or find other ways to interact with your face and body.

New Things - A solid look is always good, and you better keep it fresh. Think about the concept, head to toe (because they'll be looking). Don't take short cuts with your costuming. I often tell people that drag is more expensive than what you will make, if you are doing it correctly. Be prepared to invest regularly. You'll also want to make sure you introduce new music every so often.

Oh, and please consider the beat of the song.

There is nothing worse than an off-beat drag queen. K, thanks!



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