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Life In The Time of Coronavirus: Drag Queens Turn to Virtual Shows During Pandemic

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Some people who work in nightclubs and bars have been without incomes for months. And that includes drag queens.

Daphne Ferraro is a show host at Enigma St. Pete.

Within a few days of her employment disappearing, she found a way to keep the curtain up.

“I put a post out on Facebook, ‘I have this idea it sounds crazy but does anybody want to do a show with me on Friday, virtually. I can’t pay you but I think people will tip us you know,’” Ferraro explained.

The first show was filled with drag queen volunteers and offered virtual tipping. 

In 11 weeks Ferraro has raised about $5000 for her “drag sisters.”

“You can either roll over and give up, or you can pull your big girl panties up or your hip pads—what ever the case may be,” she said, “and make it happen.”

Ferraro’s show “Daphne and Friends: A Socially Distant Drag Show” is on Friday nights at 9:30 p.m. on

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